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About Daw Aye Aye Maw


 Daw Aye Aye Maw

Assistant Lecturer


Philosophy Department

Mandalay University of Foreign Languages




Short Biography

            She is working as Lecturer in Department of Philosophy in Mandalay University of Foreign Languages. She teaches Principles of Logical Reasoning and the philosophies of the East and Principles of Logical Reasoning and the Philosophies of the West for second years Major Specializations. 


No From To University Position Level
1. 2007 2010 Yadanabon University Mandalay B.A(Philosophy)
2. 2010 2011 Yadanabon University Mandalay Qualified
3. 2013 2014 Yadanabon University Mandalay M.A
4. 2014 2015 Yadanabon University Mandalay M.Res.
5. 2.2.2015 28.2.2019 Dagon University Yangon Tutor
6. 1.3.2019  Up to now Mandalay University Foreign Languages Mandalay Assistant Lecturer