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French Department

Daw Hnin Hnin Nwe (Associate Professor/Head)


  • The French language is known as the most pleasant sounding language in the world.
  • Among the six official languages used at the United Nations Organization, the French language is one of them.
  • It is also used in signing international treaties and contracts.
  • It is an important language in tourism sector and in foreign affairs.



The faculty/Department of French, at the Mandalay University of Foreign Languages, was established in 1999 and started with the evening classes for (CHRD) and 2 years diploma full-times for post graduate students.  In 1999, at MUFL, French language has been first taught and French Department was the first place to learn French.  It grew rapidly from 2000, gave the classes for undergraduate students, Bachelor's Degree, postgraduate students, diploma and other scholar's classes.

At the present time, French Department offers Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Diploma for postgraduate students and Diploma for eveting classes.



1. Daw Khin May Win Professor (Head) MA (French) 1999-2005
2. Daw Mi Mi Pyone Lecturer (Head) MA (French) 2005-2006, 2008-2010
3. Daw Moe Moe Win Lecturer (Head) MA (French) 2006-2008, 2010-2011, 2011-2013
4. Daw Sandar Soe Tin Lecturer (Head) MA (French) 2013-2014
5. Daw Khin Swe Win Lecturer (Head) MA (French) 2014-2015
6. Daw Su Su Tun Associate Professor(Head) MA (French) 2015-(18-6-2020)
7. Daw Hnin Hnin Nwe Associate Professor(Head) MA (French) 2020- Up to Now



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 1. Daw Hnin Hnin Nwe Associate Professor/Head of Department
 2. U Thant Zaw Oo Associate Professor
3. Daw Nway Nway Ei Associate Professor
4. Daw Yadanar Myint Associate Professor
5. Daw Myo Thidar Win Lecturer
6. U Aung Myat Hlaing Lecturer
7. Daw Aye Aye Hlaing Lecturer
8. Daw Mi Mi Soe Lecturer
9. Daw Su Thet Paing Lecturer
10. Daw Aye Mya Thandar Tun Lecturer
11. Daw Myint Myint Thu Assistant Lecturer