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Korean Department

Dr. Chaw Chaw Thu (Professor & Head)


Korean Language

Based on the fact that the enormous development of the Republic of Korea in today's world, Korean Language has become an important and useful language in international community. It was originally developed by Sejong the Great and has had a long history. We can know about the Korea culture, society, economics and politics through the study of Korean language. Moreover, we can also gain the knowledge of the education system in Korean and do business practically in economic sector. The syntactic structures of Korean Language is quite similar to that of Myanmar Language, and this can help the learners of Korean Language when they study it. While studying Korean Language, we can also share our own culture, economic and social norms with the others. The benefits of studying Korean Language are as follows:

  1. Have better job opportunities.
  2. Have well-paid jobs at Korea Companies in one's own country.
  3. Have special scholarship opportunities to study in Korean for those who are outstanding in their studies


Staffs Of Korean Department


 No  Name  Post
 1. Dr. Chaw Chaw Thu  Professor (Head of Department)
 2. Daw Shwe Zin Aye  Associate Professor
 3. Daw Aye Aye Thin   Associate Professor
 4. Daw Kyi Thar Myint  Associate Professor
 5. Daw Tin Tin Htwe  Associate Professor
 6. Daw Myat Nilar Soe  Lecturer
 7. Daw Wai Wai Phyo  Lecturer
 8. Daw Phyu Phyu Aung  Lecturer
 9. Daw Ei Phyo Thu  Lecturer
 10. Daw Khaing Khaing Htun  Lecturer
Daw Su Pyae Sone Win
 12. Daw Mya Myint Zu  Tutor
 13. Mr. Kim You Seong  Volunteer
 14. Mr. Kwag Wonki  Volunteer
 15. Mr. Park Jingeum  Volunteer