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About Library

Data of the Library of Mandalay University of Foreign Languages

Librarian : Daw San San Aye, Librarian
Staff strength : 9



The staff includes two degree holders of the Library science (M.A) and three holders of Postgraduate Diploma in the Library science.

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The Library is opened at Room No.ll,12.A Hall in the campus of MUFL between 22 and 23rd street, on 62nd Road, Aung Mye Thuzan Township, Mandalay.

Background History
The Library of MUFL was opened on the third level on the former four storeyed building in the campus of Mandalay University, University Quarter, Mahar Aung Mye Township in 1988. The Present location of the Library is Room No.11,12 The hall in the campus of MUFL between 22nd and 23th , on 62nd Road.

The Library has the aim to contribute towards the system of university education. Its objectives are to serve as a reliable resource centre for the researches of teaching staff, to provide information for general knowledge berides for the academic subjects and to give arristance to the researchers.

The Building
It has two hall of 40 feet long and 30 feet wide, attached to the lecture rooms.

The Library has a good collection of books on academic subjects, monthly magazines, periodicals and journals, daily newspapers and old questions. The Public Digital Library donated by the Department of Information and Public Relations under the Ministry of Information.

Opening Hours
The Library is opened to the users from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Library Services
The academic staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students and government servants of MUFL are given permission to borrow one book for one use. Reference section is opened for the customers from outside. wifi is available for the users for searching for the information just and quick.