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Linguistics Department


 (Professor & Head)



Teaching Linguistics enables other students to facilitate teaching and learning of other languages. The linguistic knowledge helps the students apply the theories in their research. In order to enhance the students' language awareness and linguistic knowledge, regular exercises and tutorials are done.

General Linguistics is one of the modules in all of the BA courses in all of the BA and MA courses offered by Mandalay University of foreign Languages; two semesters for BA courses and one for Ma course. It is of importance in language learning and language research, and thus a compulsory one as well.

In BA courses, we try to give theoretical knowledge of language nature and general properties common to all languages. We also teach morphology and syntax; the study of the internal structure of words and to analyze the structure of sentences on the basis of the syntactic theories. We introduce such subareas as phonology, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics which is the study of the relationship between language and societies.

For the purpose of getting language foundation, we teach classification of speech sounds, voice quality and transcription system of our mother tongue. We make the students practices the lessons in the student workbook. In MA courses, we deliver the lectures based on research oriented study and the concepts and notions of branches of general linguistics and concepts of phonetic awareness.


Staffs of Linguistics Department


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1. U Thein Htike Oo Lecturer (Head)